• "Valle Dei Templi" - Half Day Tour
  • "Valle Dei Templi" - Half Day Tour
  • "Valle Dei Templi" - Half Day Tour

"Valle Dei Templi" - Half Day Tour

This itinerary involves the visit to the “ Valley of Temples” , an archaeological
Park of 1300 hectares, which conserves an extraordinary monumental and
landscape patrimony related to the ancient city of “ Akragas” and its adjacent
territory up to the sea. After the visit we will go to an agri – tourism
restaurant for a taste of typical local products . 

Schedule :
9:30 a.m : Arrival to the “ Valley of Temples” Archaeological Park and starting
of the guided tour to the site, dating back to the Hellenic age and
corresponding to the monumental area of the Akragas city (one of the most
important Sicilian Greek colonies ), characterized for a series of monuments
with an exceptional state of conservation. In the valley of Temples, declared
UNESCO “ world Heritage Patrimony” in 1997 , you can find one of the biggest
archaeological complexes of the Mediterranean area, surrounded by a
landscape of rare beauty made by centenary olive and almond trees.

12:00 : We will go to an agri-tourism restaurant for a taste of
typical products such as “caponata”, aubergine “parmigiana”, “arancini”,
“panelle”, “primo sale”, fried ricotta, olives and season vegetables “in
pastella”, sparkling water and a stem glass of “ Nero d'Avola” red wine
produced in the the “Morgante” winery.

The price includes:

  • Entry to the “ Valley of Temples”;
  • Tourist guide and tour for the Valley;
  • Taste of typical products in agri-tourism; 
  • Insurance R.C.;
  • IVA, taxes and service percentuale.