• "Island of Mozia and Saline (Marsala)" - Full Day Tour
  • "Island of Mozia and Saline (Marsala)" - Full Day Tour
  • "Island of Mozia and Saline (Marsala)" - Full Day Tour
  • "Island of Mozia and Saline (Marsala)" - Full Day Tour
  • "Island of Mozia and Saline (Marsala)" - Full Day Tour

"Island of Mozia and Saline (Marsala)" - Full Day Tour

We will walk across the pond and the banks of crystallization tanks, explaining their operating worlds and the main tools for raising water and refining salt. So it will be time for a good lunch break, obviously based on typical local products, and in a particularly evocative location that you certainly will not forget. In the afternoon, finally, we will visit the "Baglio Anselmi" museum, in particular the "Punic ship", a unique example of commerce. resurfaced from the seabed after 2000 years and now beautifully displayed in the museum room.
The island was discovered by Giuseppe Whitaker, an Italian nobleman who lived at the end of the nineteenth century, who moved to Sicily with his family and started an export activity of "Marsala" wine flours. The ancient Punic colony was founded in the eighth century BC and is 10 km from the city of Marsala, standing on one of the four lagoon islands, the island of San Pantaleo (name given during middle age). Visiting the island we will discover the Cartagena life, also through the important testimonies shown in the museum "Whitaker Foundation". Next to the "Ettore e Infersa" museum, an ancient and important place of salt production, famous and fascinating. 

( Travel ) shedule:

9:30 a. m. : Arrival to the Ettore e Infersa quarter and boarding at the “ Mozia Line” gate ; 
Visit to the archaeological area and “Whitaker” foundation museum, in particular:   

  •  The Kothon, little artificial basin of rectangular form, the ancient harbour used for goods loading and unloading
  •  The Tophet, an open air sanctuary where the boxes containing human sacrificies relics were posed; 
  •  Hause of mosaics: called like this for the presence of two black and white pebble mosaics, showing a winged Griffon chasing a doe and a lion attacking a bull; 
  •  The “Cappiddrazzu” sanctuary, where “ The young man with the tunic” was discovered , a statue in Ionic marble well shown at the museum 
  •  The doors, the walls , the towers, the Archaeological findings, the Venus Temple remains, the remains of the two doors consenting the entrance to the city, “Northern door” and “Southern door”
  •  Boarding from Mozia toward per la “ Ettore e Infersa” quarter.
  •  Arrival to the “ Ettore e Infersa “Salt Museum, and guided tour and fee time fo shopping;
  •  Departure from the museum.
  •  01:30 p.m. Lunch at restaurant
  •  03:00 p.m.  Visit to the Baglio Anselmi Museum – Punic ship; 
The price includes:
  •  Boarding for Mozia A/R with the “ Mozia lines” ship;
  •  Entry ticket for Mozia;
  •  Guided tour in Mozia;
  •  Entry to the Salt museum “Ettore e Infersa”;
  •  Lunch in agreed restauran
  •  Entry to “Baglio Anselmi” Museum ;