• "Catacombs & Monreale" - Half Day Tour
  • "Catacombs & Monreale" - Half Day Tour
  • "Catacombs & Monreale" - Half Day Tour
  • "Catacombs & Monreale" - Half Day Tour
  • "Catacombs & Monreale" - Half Day Tour

"Catacombs & Monreale" - Half Day Tour

Catacombs & Monreale Tour: tour description

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purposes the Catacombe & Monreale Tour: you will visit the underground cemetery of Capuchin friars and the Cathedral of Monrealea Norman Arab jewel known throughout the world.

The itinerary begins with a visit to the underground cemetery of Capuchin monks, in Gothic style, whose galleries date back to the 16th century: a journey through time and space, through an absolutely fascinating and mysterious dimension, despite its degradation. An incredible collection of skeletons and mummified bodies, including the little Rosalia Lombardo, such a surprising example of conservation to give her the nickname of Sleeping Beauty.

After visiting the Catacombs of the Capuchins with a guide, you will head from Palermo to the Cathedral of Monreale, from 2015 World Heritage Site (UNESCO) as part of the Arab-Norman itinerary of Palermo.

The Cathedral of Monreale, once was part of a self-sufficient fortified complex that included a royal palace, an episcopate and an abbey. Located on the slopes of Mount Caputo, the complex of Monreale was surrounded by crenellated walls interspersed with defensive towers and embellished with geometric inlays that could be admired from the Conca d'Oro below.
The Cathedral of Monreale has maintained its original configuration and its origins of ecclesia munita, emphasized by the two mighty square towers that stand on both sides of the facade.

The magnificent interior is characterized for the most part by walls covered in mosaics with a gold background, made between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries by Byzantine and Venetian craftsmen and recall for style and iconography those of the Palatine Chapel.

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