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In addition to our transfer and transport services, we are also experienced in organizing tours all around Sicily, like Walking Tours, Boat Tours and Excursions. We aim to satisfy our customers with our all-round service. We have recently discovered that over 50% of our customers use our service after being tested by their friends and family.

"Mysteries Of Palermo" - UNESCO Half Day Tour

A review of beauty and history that you will never forget, visit some of the monuments of Palermo like the magnificent Royal Palace and the Cathedral, followed by mysterious places like the Oratory of San Lorenzo and the Palazzo Steri.

"The Streets of Mafia" - Half Day Tour

Corleone and Piana Degli Albanesi. Every Monday and Wednesday you can participate in this tour that will take you to Corleone, a small village near Palermo famous for being a city of the Mafia and the birthplace of Toto 'Riina.

"Mondello - Isola delle Femmine" Boat Tour

A sailboat ride to discover Mondello, the Capo Gallo Reserve, Monte Pellegrino and Isola delle Femmine Reserve. During the boat trip you will learn the basic concepts of sailing and have lunch with typical local products.

"Island of Mozia and Saline (Marsala)" - Full Day Tour

This itinerary offers a visit to the salt pans "Ettore e Infersa", in front of the island of Marsala. We will go to the island of Mozia, where an old Cartagena city is surrounded by the Stagnone Nature Reserve.